Birthplace: Wales, United Kingdom Despite hailing from a small country called Wales in the United Kingdom, Holly has always been a lively and free spirited person with a big voice and big heart. Like all children, Holly grew up watching the world of Disney and various cartoons on television. With the inherited boosted confidence from her father, a musician, Holly has always wanted to perform and make people smile with her presence. At school, she would always nominate herself to read out the story for storytime, ravishing each and every moment of it. It would allow her to become the characters within the stories, and she loved to change her voice in ways she never knew she ould, even from a young age. With a voice which has been quoted countless times as soothing and very versatile, ranging from soft to sultry, and from little girl to little boy, Holly is passionate and focused on getting her voice heard by many.

2011 Character Demo Reel


2012 Commercial Reel